Sunday Morning Meditation Class with Gen Chitta

10 – 11.15am     £6/class        265 Ormeau Rd Belfast

Sunday mornings at Potala are a great opportunity to be guided in meditation and to listen to interesting talks that will inspire, uplift and help you to improve your state of mind and learn how to deal with problems and stress in a more constructive way.

These classes will be guided by Buddhist Nun and Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Chitta. Chitta has been a student of Buddhist Master Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for over 14 years and was appointed the Resident Teacher at Potala KBC. Chitta has been teaching and guiding retreats all over Northern Ireland and is known for her warmth and down to earth approach.

Each class starts with a guided breathing meditation, followed by a talk and a final guided meditation. There’ll be an opportunity to relax, ask questions and drink tea after class if you wish.


  • 3 Jun – The limitless mind. The superpower within
  • 10 Jun – Feeling lost, confused and disillusioned . Finding clarity and connection
  • 17 Jun – The harmful stories we tell ourselves Identifying with our true wisdom

All are welcome. Each class is self contained so its not necessary to attend all of them, just those ones you are able to make.

£6 per class pay as you go. £3 concession rate available on request

£25 for 5 weeks  £45 for 10 week


  1. Heather Toal

    Is it OK to attend your events if I’ve never been before…it would just be mysef

    1. Yes, no problem 😁

  2. Karen Delaney

    Hi, are there meditations every Sunday or just on the specified dates? Can a complete beginner attend?

    1. Just specified dates, beginners welcome 😁

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