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Thursdays Meditation Class with Chitta

7 – 8.15pm     £6/class        265 Ormeau Rd Belfast Thursday Nights at Potala are a great opportunity to be guided in meditation and to listen to interesting talks that will inspire, uplift and help you to improve your state of mind and learn how to deal with problems and stress in a

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Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat Weekend by the Sea

18th – 20th August 2017    Lorne Estate Cultra There is no better way to give yourself a break from the daily routine and reassess your life than by engaging in a meditation retreat. When life is busy and many problems come our way, we often react by becoming frustrated or discouraged. This guided meditation and

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Sunday Foundation Program classes in Belfast

Sundays 6:30 – 8:30pm at Potala. This class is a great way to learn about the Buddhist way of life and to take your experience of Buddhist teachings and meditation to a deeper level.   Chanted prayers prepare the mind for meditation, which is guided by the teacher, Buddhist nun Kelsang Chitta. Chitta then reads and

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A review of the Experience Silence Retreat – August 2016

Review Silence Retreat 24-28/8/16      Gyreum Eco-lodge, Castlebaldwin, Co. Sligo “Looking at my diary for autumn 2016 I freaked, shocked by the busyness of it. I felt I was repeating old patterns well-known to any ‘freelancers’ out there by saying yes to things in case I would in some way disappear and become irrelevant to the

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International Festivals – a glimpse of world peace

NKT-IKBU International Festivals offer a unique opportunity to spend time with thousands of people from all over the world and to see first hand the universality of Buddha’s teachings and the power of modern Buddhism to transform the lives of people of all nationalities and cultures.