< EVENT POSTPONED > Inspiring Solutions for Difficult Times. The Practice of Giving and Taking.

Retreat Breakdown

  • Arrival 9:30am – 10am 
  • Session 1 : 10am – 11.15am  (1hr 15min)
  • Refreshment break (45min)
  • Session 2 : 12pm – 1pm (1hr)

Compassion is a powerful mind motivated by our love for others. Because it is motivated by love, compassion is a pure joyful energy with unimaginable power.

The Buddhist meditation practice of taking and giving (Tonglen in Tibetan) is one of the most powerful methods for opening our hearts and for healing mental and physical illness.

This ancient healing technique has the power to improve mental peace and happiness, and is especially beneficial in situations where we may feel powerless to help others or to overcome adversity.

During this half day retreat, Ian will introduce and guide meditations helping us to connect with our compassion without fear. Then we can develop confidence with the practice of taking and giving and use these meditations in daily life to benefit both yourself and others.

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