Meditation Retreat. Finding clarity, spaciousness and peace of mind

shutterstock_537416632Guided Meditation Retreat with Buddhist Nun Gen Chitta

20th and 21st Jan 2018 in Derry/Londonderry

Buddhist meditation has a lot to offer busy modern day people. It provides an opportunity to slow down and step out of our frantic everyday lives and minds. It offers a wealth if techniques that can be used by Buddhists and non Buddhists alike to develop and maintain peaceful mind states.

This particular retreat will focus on a type of meditation known sometimes as Mahamudra and in each session we’ll learn and practice a new meditation, building up our own experience of these invaluable life skills.

Chitta has been a student of Tibetan Buddhist Master Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for 15 years and has the ability to transmit these techniques in a way that makes them useful and relevant to busy modern people.

Meditation sessions will be at 11am-12:30pm, 2-3pm and 4-5pm each day.

Breaks will be silent during which you can read, relax, meditate or go for a walk. Lunch and refreshments are provided if booked.  Everyone is welcome, beginners and experienced meditators alike.

£16 per day for the retreat
Vegan and vegetarian lunch £4:50
Afternoon refreshments £3:50

20/21 Jan 2018 with meals £48
20/21 Jan 2018 with meals £12 deposit
20/21 Jan 2018 without meals £32
21/21 Jan 2018 without meal Deposit £8