Learn to Meditate in Half a Day

Video Catch Up. £12 or £7 concession

Learn to Meditate in Half a Day is one of our most popular, accessible and enjoyable sessions.

This special beginners course will be taught by Ian McGlade. Having attended at Potala for many years, as well as many residential retreats internationally and an extensive teacher training programme Ian will bring the inspirations of his experiences through to everyone attending his sessions.

The three hours over the course of a weekend afternoon and is structured as follows:

  • Talk & meditation (1 hour 15 minutes)
  • Break (30 minutes)
  • Talk & meditation (1 hour 15 minutes.

The teacher will begin the workshop by offering guidance on how to prepare for a meditation, what posture to adopt and what to expect from the first guided meditation. Matts and cushion are supplied if you wish to meditate in a cross legged position, but the majority of people are seated in chairs throughout.

The workshop covers the following:

First part:

  • Short guided meditation.
  • What is meditation?
  • What are the benefits of meditation?
  • How to meditate?
  • Short guided meditation.

Break – Tea & coffee

Second part:

  • Short guided meditation.
  • Obstacles to meditation.
  • Tools for meditating / how to meditate.
  • Short guided meditation.
  • Questions and answers.

These workshops are ideal for those wishing to find out more about meditation and to learn the tools needed to meditate. They are also suitable for people wishing to refresh their understanding of meditation.

All are welcome.

For additional info contact 07597773096 or potala.centre@gmail.com.