International Festivals – a glimpse of world peace

NKT-IKBU International Festivals offer a unique opportunity to spend time with thousands of people from all over the world and to see first hand the universality of Buddha’s teachings and the power of modern Buddhism to transform the lives of people of all nationalities and cultures.

What to expect from a Learn to Meditate in Half a Day workshop

Learn to Meditate in Half a Day is one of our most popular, accessible and enjoyable workshops. The workshop runs for three hours over the course of a weekend afternoon and is structured as follows: Talk & meditation (1 hour 15 minutes) Break (30 minutes) Talk & meditation (1 hour 15 minutes. The teacher will begin the workshop by offering guidance on how to prepare for a meditation, what posture to adopt and what to expect from the first guided meditation. Cushions are available for those who may wish to meditate in a cross legged position, but the majority of people are seated…

Meditation CD’s available at Potala

The Living Meditation Series includes guided meditations on CD. These CD’s are now available at Potala. Each meditation CD consists of three guided meditations led by an experienced meditator and is accompanied by an explanatory booklet with techniques on how to improve meditation. The Living Meditation Series provides a comprehensive introduction to meditation, offering guidance to all levels of practitioners for developing and deepening their meditation practice. Learn meditations to relax body and mind, achieve inner peace and mental clarity, and develop a kind and patient attitude towards others.

Who is a Kadampa?

A Kadampa is someone who integrates their knowledge of all Buddha’s teachings into their everyday lives. New Kadampa Tradition is an association of study and meditation centres dedicated to helping people everywhere find meaning and purpose in their lives, and to the developing of genuine inner peace and happiness. Putting Buddha’s teachings into practice in the context of our family and work commitments, we discover they are unsurpassed methods to resolve daily difficulties and problems. Find out more in the booklet Modern Kadampa Buddhism (PDF) For more information please see the main Kadampa Website

School & Group Visits

A wonderful way to greatly enhance the learning process is to come and visit the Buddhist Centre. This brings to life children’s understanding of Buddhism and the activities both lay Buddhists and ordained monks and nuns engage in. The visits are designed to engage the children of all age, with many practical activities such as meditation, prostrations, listening to a prayer, learning about offerings, drawing Buddhas pictures and much more. Time is also made for all their many questions. The sessions can be tailored to the levels, attainment targets and specific subjects you wish to cover. If you are unable…

What is Kadampa Buddhism?

Today we can see many different forms of Buddhism, such as Zen and Theravada Buddhism. All these different aspects are practices of Buddha’s teachings, and all are equally precious; they are just different presentations. Potala Kadampa Centre Belfast  follows Buddhism according to the Kadampa tradition, which is the tradition practised by our founder, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.   “In the word ‘Kadampa’, ‘Ka’ refers to Buddha’s teachings and ‘dam’ refers to Atisha’s instructions on Lamrim (the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, also known as Kadam Lamrim). ‘Kadam’ therefore refers to the union of Buddha’s teachings and Atisha’s instructions, and sincere practitioners of Kadam…