New Year Weekend Meditation Retreat on the Atlantic Coastline


New Year New You

Begin 2020 with Meditation

With Buddhist Nun and Meditation teacher Gen Kelsang Chitta.

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One of the big frustrations many people come up against in life is the process of changing. As a culture we habitually make new year’s resolutions and aspire to be better.

In addition, we’ve all heard sayings like “people can’t change” – which can be discouraging. And we start to identify ourselves as someone incapable of change.

So what do we do?


When it comes to change, the Buddhist point of view is incredibly optimistic. Meditation teaches us that change is possible. Because it’s possible to change our mind through meditation practice it’s possible for us to begin to let go of the underlying causes of our various compulsions and various self-destructive habits.

During this retreat, we will explore:

(i) How we can let go of our limiting patterns of behaviour
(ii) How we can respond positively when negativity arises in our life
(iii) How we can discover our actual nature from which our true potential arises

Corrymeela offers the perfect conditions to settle the mind, and to explore and develop getting back to the positive mind states that create long lasting change and happiness. Situated on the Atlantic Coast you will experience outstanding beauty with ocean views and ocean air, offering ideal conditions to develop an ocean of peace within the mind.

Each session will be guided by Buddhist Nun and Potala Kadampa Buddhist Centre’s Resident Teacher Gen Kelsang Chitta. Gen Chitta, a student of Tibetan Buddhist master Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for 15 years, has been guiding retreats in NI for the last 8 years and can offer gentle guidance and the clear wisdom of ancient Buddhist practice in a way that’s suitable for everyone of any age, background or belief.

There’ll be plenty of time between sessions to read, walk and relax, and the silence in the mornings will allow us the opportunity to reduce distractions and engage more fully with meditation and contemplation.

Accommodation is modern and comfortable, and meals vegan or vegetarian. It is possible to attend just the sessions if you don’t wish to avail of the accommodation. Chairs will be provided as well a mats and cushions and no special clothing or experience is required.


Schedule for the silence periods, meditations and meals

Friday 10th Jan
Registration 1700
Supper from 1800
Introduction at 2000

Saturday ( Silent until 1300 )
0830 – 0915 Breakfast
0915 – 1015 Session 1
1145 – 1300 Session 2
1300 – Lunch
1630 – 1745 Session 3
1800 – Supper
2000 – 2115 Session 4

Sunday ( Silent until 1015 )
0830 – 0915 Breakfast
0915 – 1015 Session 5
1130 – 1245 Session 6
1300 – Lunch

Booking options