Meditation, Mindfulness & Mahamudra; Summer weekend silent retreat

shutterstock_92854117.jpgMeditation, Mindfulness and Mahamudra – Summer weekend silent retreat

Seven sessions of talks & guided meditations
August, 18:00 Fri 31st – September, 14:00 Sun 2nd | with Gen Kelsang Chitta | at Lorne House and Estate Cultra

A great getaway, making the best of the summer by combining it with meditation in the midst of beautiful and peaceful surroundings, with woodlands and ocean right on your doorstep.

The retreat will guide us through an inner journey utilizing ancient Buddhist meditations to allow us to discover the nature and depth of our own heart mind.

Sessions are a little over an hour and consist of guided meditation and talks with Gen Kelsang Chitta.

There’ll be plenty of time between sessions to read, walk and relax and the silence of Saturday and Sunday morning will allow us the opportunity to reduce distractions and engage more fully with meditation and contemplation.

Accommodation is 4 star and food is vegetarian.

Retreat fees are all inclusive
Single ensuite  £195
Twin  £145pp ( 2 people required)
Triple £135 ( 3 people not required)
4/5 bed dorm  £115pp

Book here with a £60 deposit and message us with your preferred accommodation option.

Deposits are non refundable.