Addiction, compulsion, craving. Developing limitless peace within.

shutterstock_1120109981.jpgSat 17 Nov 2018 | 2pm – 6:30pm | £20 | with Gen Chitta

We all experience cravings, compulsions and addictions of various kinds throughout our lives. The human mind and condition is such that we are always wanting something new, something better, our wishes are endless and our satisfaction fleeting. Life seems to offer the hope of having it all, and yet delivers much frustration and disappointment. If we’re not careful we end up in an ever increasing cycle of consumption, that impacts our physical and mental health.

On this afternoon of talks and guided meditations we’ll gain access to the Buddhist wisdom explaining the nature of attachment, the root of addiction and craving, as well as exploring even deeper, to discover the root of attachment.

Participants will leave empowered with the tools to bring about actual, gradual and deep changes in their minds, that will allow them to eventually become completely free from all destructive addictive cycles and patterns.

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