Online Meditation Classes

Fearing the known. Fearing the unknown. Letting wisdom be our guide. with Gen Chitta Book Video

Having courage to let go of a limited self. Relying on humility, equanimity and selflessness with Ian McGlade Book Video

Meditation Class with Gen Chitta – A life less ordinary. Infusing ancient wisdom into everyday life. Book Video

Meditation Class with Ian McGlade – Understanding Karma. Taking control of your destiny. Book Video

Introduction to Tantra – 3 video classes with Gen Chitta Book Video

Tue 30th March – Meditation Class with Ian McGlade  – Love that has no bounds, conditions or fear. Getting in touch with a new kind of love. 6pm – 7:15pm. Book at 

Thur 1 April  – Meditation Class with Gen Chitta – Becoming a sage of the modern age. 7pm – 8:15pm. Book at 

Tue 6th Apr – Meditation Class with Ian McGlade – The inner intergalactic travel of Mahamudra meditation. 6pm – 7:15pm. Book at 

Thur 8th Apr – Meditation Class with Gen Chitta – Celestial realms and heavenly forms. Paths to paradise and paths to freedom. 7pm – 8:15pm. Book at 

Tue 13 april – Meditation Class with Ian McGlade – The great self deceptions. Seeing through the illusions. 6pm – 7:15pm. Book at  

Thur 15 April – Meditation Class with Gen Chitta – Sowing seeds in consciousness. Becoming a gardener in the mind stream. 7pm – 8:15pm. Book at 

Tue 20 April – Meditation Class with Ian McGlade  – The freedom of embracing impermanence. 6pm – 7:15pm. Book at 

Thur 22 april –  Meditation Class with Gen Chitta – Guide to the Bodhisattvas way of life. 7pm – 8:15pm. Book at 

Each classes includes:

  • Guided breathing meditation
  • Short Buddhist prayer
  • A talk, pertaining to the class theme that week
  • Guided meditation, to take the theme to heart, develop our own experience of it, as well as create positive intentions to carry out into that week. 

Here is some recent feedback on classes

Last week I attended my first ever session with Potala Centre after receiving a recommendation from a friend. I was concerned that the experience would be completely diminished using a video but I am glad to report it was perfect. Lockdown has been stressful but the session last week helped to calm my nerves and realign myself to take on this challenge with a new energy and perspective. I would recommend this to anyone who is currently finding themselves exhausted from pandemic stress.  Andrew

Gen Chitta is a wonderful teacher, using humor and examples from every day life to illustrate Buddhist teachings.  Her gentle voice and rational explanations make great sense and help me to keep a peaceful mind during these uncertain times.  The online classes work very well enabling us to share teachings and meditations even though we are far apart. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity. Catherine

I have valued the video classes as a way of keeping in touch with the practice of meditation and with Chitta’s always thought-provoking commentary. I’ll be hoping to continue to join in the sessions. Irene

Chitta’s sessions have been a real lifeline during these strange times of lockdown. I’ve attended three online meditation classes now and have already booked for another. Thankfully even when my income is low there are concession or donation options to suit my limited budget. Having been to classes in Potala I wasn’t sure how I’d find a virtual class, however the sense of community still persists. The relaxation and Chitta’s gentle reflections make the virtual sessions feel much more  personal and engaging than I had imagined. I have even found that although I’m missing massage for pain conditions, the relaxation also eases my sore muscles. I think people who may be hesitant about attending a class may actually  find the online session an easy introduction. The  mindfulness session allows time to reconnect with ourselves and helps to balance the current uncertainties of life. Thanks so much for the weekly chance to leave life’s stresses for an hour or so. Please keep them coming. Adele

Having participated in a few of the online meditations now I would highly recommend (and have done).  I am so grateful for the online facility as every meditation and talk by Gen Chitta adds value to my week. Gen Chitta, thank you!! I always find the sessions give me a new perspective which I try to put into practice.  The sessions are very easy to book and to join online. For anyone contemplating giving it a go I would say there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain so go for it.  Angela

I really enjoyed my experience, the meditation was beautiful, I felt so relaxed and connected throughout. Ashlee