Teacher Training Programme

Our new Teacher Training Programme (TTP) is studying the book; The Bodhisattva Vow. This book teaches how to live a more compassionate way of life by becoming a Bodhisattva, someone dedicated to attaining Enlightenment for the ultimate benefit of all living beings.

The program is designed for practitioners wishing to benefit others through becoming qualified teachers of Kadampa Buddhism or wishing to deepen their sincere study and practice of Buddhism.  It includes guided meditation, teachings and structured study and discussion, as well as regular teaching skills classes.

Joining TTP involves enrolling for the book, trying to attend all the classes, and taking an exam at the end of the book.

Committing to a regular study programme studying in a group with like-minded people you can benefit from the support of a spiritual community to energise and sustain your spiritual life.

Each class consists of preliminary prayers, a guided meditation, the oral transmission of the book with commentary and discussion. The classes are systematic and interactive and TTP students will find that their knowledge, wisdom and ability to benefit others grows week by week as a result.

The teacher training programme is an advanced program based on a systematic study of twelve Kadampa Buddhist texts.

It is possible to join this programme in person or online.

About the book

A Bodhisattva is a friend of the world who, motivated by compassion, seeks enlightenment to benefit all living beings. In this welcome guide to compassionate living, Geshe Kelsang explains in detail how to take and keep the Bodhisattva vows, how to purify negative minds, and how to practise the Bodhisattva’s actions of giving, moral discipline, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom. With this handbook as our companion, we can enter the Bodhisattva’s way of life and progress along the path to full enlightenment.

Discover powerful methods to purify past negativity and prevent future obstacles.

Explore how to live a truly meaningful, spiritual life.

Find ultimate happiness for yourself and others.

The Sanskrit term ‘Bodhisattva’ is the name given to anyone who, motivated by great compassion, has generated bodhichitta, which is a spontaneous wish to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all living beings.

Who is it for?

Our Teacher Training programme is an advanced programme for anyone wishing to become a qualified Kadampa teacher or to deepen their meditation practice.

Attend in person or online

Due to the discussion element of the course we recommend that people make an effort to join each class in person or online via zoom at the same time as the actual class.  If you do need to miss a class then arrangements can be made to listen on catch up.

There is also an option to receive all the classes as a correspondence student to listen in your own time if this is the only option that works for you.**

Overview – 3 ways to participate according to your circumstances:

  • Join in person for those who are within travelling distance of Belfast 
  • Join online live via zoom
  • Join as a correspondence student and watch the class at a time of your choosing each week.**

**It is highly recommended to join live online rather than correspondence as you can participate in discussions and the interactive elements of the programme. Correspondence is however available for those with exceptional personal circumstances that require it.

Class Structure

Thursday’s & Sunday’s 7.30pm – 9.30pm

  • Preliminary Prayers – Bodhisattva’s Confession of Moral Downfalls
  • Guided Meditation
  • Recitation of the condensed meaning
  • Transmission & Commentary of the text
  • Paired discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Dedication prayers

Group Discussion Sessions

  • Preliminary Prayers – Prayers for Meditation
  • Group Discussion with 2 people leading the discussion
  • Dedication Prayers

Teaching Skills Sessions

  • Preliminary Prayers – Teaching Skills Booklet
  • Recitation of the commitments of teaching
  • 2 people give short teachings
  • Discussion on Teaching Skills
  • Dedication Prayers


Exams are given on completion of each section of the book. These are marked anonymously & the purpose is to internalise the material and self assess our understanding.

Enrollment Fee
Price: £28 per month

In order to join, enrolment is required (please note Teacher Training Programme is not a drop-in class). The class fee is incorporated within the monthly membership which includes all the classes, courses and retreats run by the centre with the exception of residential retreats.  

How to Join TTP

Contact us at info@meditateNI.org


Thur Jan 24 – Teaching SessionThur Feb 1 – Teaching SessionThur Mar 7 – Group DiscussionThur Apr 4 – Teaching Session
Sun Jan 28 – Teaching SessionSun Feb 4 – Group DiscussionSun Mar 10 – Offering to the Spiritual Guide PujaSun Apr 7 – Teaching Session
Thur Feb 8 – Teaching SessionThur Mar 28 – Teaching SkillsThur Apr 11 – Teaching Session
Sun Feb 11 – Teaching SessionThur Apr 18 – Group Discussion
Thur Feb 22 – Teaching SessionSun Apr 21 – Teaching Skills
Sun Feb 25 – Offering to the Spiritual Guide Puja

Course Materials

All material can be purchased in the shop at KMC Belfast or online from Tharpa Publications using the links below.

Other events of interest

27 Feb Amitayus Day Retreat in Belfast and Derry Londonderry

1 – 3 March – Weekend Course and Empowerment at the Temple at Manjushri KMC Cumbria. The Wisdom of Meditation and Manjushri Empowerment. Flights Belfast to Manchester Train Manchester Airport to Ulverston

15 – 17 Mar Irish Dharma Celebration. Green Tara Empowerment with Kadam Bridget Heyes

14 – 15 April Nyungnay Fasting and Purification Retreat in Belfast and Derry Londonderry