Meditation Classes in Derry Londonderry

11 Pump St Derry Londonderry.

Enter through the gate to the Garden of Reflection. Our class venue is the 4th studio on the left.

A weekly free guided meditation class guided by Bronagh Belfast. Bronagh began her training in Kadampa Buddhism at Heruka KMC in London and continues to study with Potala KBC here in NI. She kindly offer her free time to prepare and deliver these gentle enjoyable guided meditations and is happy to answer your questions after class.

Seating is in chairs distances from each other. There will be a maximum of 7 people in the class and masks are recommended.

Buddhist Meditations and Talks

Suitable for all levels of experience

In person and online available

Belfast Ormeau. Belfast Cityside. Derry Londonderry.

Session Breakdown

25min Guided Breathing Meditation

5min Buddhist Prayer

30min Buddhist Talk

15min Transformational Meditation

The magic of meditation. Living with peace in our mind.

6:30pm Thur 17th June with Bronagh Best at 11 Pump St Derry Londonderry .

Developing Confidence that brings about lasting change.

2 – 5pm Sat 19th June  with Gen Chitta – Afternoon Retreat outside at the Garden of Reflection in Derry Londonderry

Gratitude – A grateful heart is a magnet for miracles

6:30pm Thur 24th June with Bronagh Best at 11 Pump St Derry Londonderry

Booking for more forthcoming classes and retreats coming soon to

Call/text 0759 777 3096