Opening the Wisdom Eye. Weekend Meditation Retreat with Gen Kelsang Chitta and Gen Kelsang Varahi

Opening the Wisdom Eye

Weekend Meditation Retreat on the Atlantic Coastline

6pm Friday 8th April – 2pm Sunday 10 April 2022

Attend in person, stay for the weekend, just come for sessions or tune in from home.


The more wisdom we have, the less ignorance we have; and the less ignorance we have, the less suffering we will experience. If we have wisdom there are no basis for experiencing problems. Only the mental peace that develops from wisdom is real happiness.

In this weekend retreat, we will explore the wisdom that understands the ultimate nature of reality, emptiness. Because of not understanding ultimate truth, emptiness, we remain always deceived and trapped in the deep sleep of our self-grasping ignorance.

Due to this ignorance, we develop and experience various kinds of mistaken appearance and because of this, we experience various kinds of suffering and problems as hallucinations endlessly.

During this retreat we will receive teachings and meditate on the profound and blessed wisdom verses from the Request to the Lord of all Lineages prayer.

This retreat will be guided by Gen Kelsang Chitta (Resident teacher of Northern Ireland) and Gen Kelsang Varahi (Resident teacher of Vajrapani Kadampa Meditation Centre Huddersfield). Through their clear and joyful guidance, we will come to taste the profound peace of emptiness, deeply relaxing into this natural truth.

This will be a wonderful and extraordinary weekend, located in the beautiful setting of Corrymeela, on the edge of the Atlantic coast. Enjoy the vast expanse of the ocean views and the vast bliss of the space of emptiness in your own mind.

During retreat Gen Kelsang Chitta and Gen Kelsang Varahi will be referencing a number of books including Oral Instructions of Mahamudra and Mirror of Dharma (with additions). These books and more will be made available to purchase at our bookshop on retreat.

For those who would like to read further into Kadampa Buddhism we invite you to access our two free downloads How to Transform Your Life and Modern Buddhism.


Schedule for the silence periods, meditations and meals

Registration 1700
Supper from 1800
2000 – 2130 Introductory Talk and Meditation with Gen Varahi

Saturday ( Silent until 1300 )
0830 – 0915 Breakfast
0915 – 1030 Session 1 with Gen Chitta
1130 – 1300 Session 2 with Gen Varahi
1300 – Lunch
1630 – 1800 Session 3 with Gen Chitta
1800 – Supper
2000 – 2130 Session 4 with Gen Varahi

Sunday ( Silent until 1030 )
0830 – 0915 Breakfast
0915 – 1030 Session 5 with Gen Chitta
1130 – 1300 Session 6 with Gen Varahi
1300 – Lunch



All inclusive
Single ensuite £214
Single shared bathroom £184
Twin ensuite £194pp
Twin shared bathroom £174pp
Triple ensuite £184pp
Triple shared bathroom £164pp
One bed in a Quad room ( 2 singles, one bunk) £164pp

**We are now able to offer one bed in a quad room **

**You will have the choice each session to sit in the main meditation room which will be seating approximately 30 people and an overflow video link room which will be seating approximately 15 people. **

Pricing Breakdown

£8 each – free for members
Weekend £50

Meals and tea & coffee throughout
Fri £15
Sat £34
Sun £15
All meals £64

Single ensuite £50 per night
Single shared bathroom £35 per night
Twin ensuite £40pp per night
Twin shared bathroom £30 per night
Triple ensuite £35pp per night
Triple shared bathroom £25 per night
One bed in a Quad room ( 2 singles, one bunk) £25pp per night

**Members do not need to pay session fees**


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