Being Fearless in Wisdom. Buddhist Meditation Retreat on Arranmore Island

📍 Community Hall Arranmore Island

📍 20min walk from Harbour

⏰Sat 21st Oct 2023 11am – 2.30pm €25 £22

✨ Everyone welcome whether Buddhist or not

🌈 Every day all we wish for, is to find lasting peace in our heart and avoid all suffering and problems. However, without abandoning our negative habits of mind, such as anger, jealousy and selfishness, we will never be able to fulfil these wishes.

🌈 In his wisdom teachings, Buddha explained clearly the true nature of things, including the nature of the self. These teachings were given, not for philosophical interest, but as the method to end our suffering. To end our anxiety, our fear and all other sense that we are in any way limited.

🌈 What is the true nature of reality? How do things exist? Who, actually, am I? These are all relevant and important questions for those seeking lasting happiness and meaning in life.

🌈 In this half day retreat we will have the opportunity to explore this wisdom through teachings on emptiness, meditation and discussion.

🌈 Your retreat guide Ian McGlade, shares the meditation techniques and practices he himself has found so transformative, in a down to earth, humorous and accessible way. With many years of practice and teaching experience you are in safe hands to help you begin, reinvigorate or continue your meditation journey.

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🧘 No special clothing or experience necessary.

☸️ Seating provided on chairs, feel free to bring a mat & cushion if you prefer

🧘 Schedule

  • ☸ 11am – 12.30pm
  • ☸ light lunch provided
  • ☸ 1.15pm – 2.30pm

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There are two different ferry providers from the village of Burtonport:

🚢 The Arranmore Red Ferry

⛴ The Arranmore Blue Ferry

📱Whatsapp +44797773096

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