Sunday Morning Meditation Class


10 – 11.15am     £6/class        265 Ormeau Rd Belfast

These classes at Potala are a great opportunity to be guided in meditation and to listen to interesting talks that will inspire, uplift and help you to improve your state of mind and learn how to deal with problems and stress in a more constructive way.

Each class starts with a guided breathing meditation, followed by a talk and a final guided meditation. There’ll be an opportunity to relax, ask questions and drink tea after class if you wish.

  • 02 Feb- The heavy burden of seeking approval and reputation. Does what people think of us matter?- with Gen Chitta
  • 09 Feb- The causes of a happy mind. Creating Karma moment by moment- with Ian McGlade
  • 23 Feb- Where do problems come from? Learning to control our desire- with Gen Chitta
  • 1 Mar- What causes suffering? The role of self grasping- with Sara Dylan
  • 08 Mar- A world in pain. Creating World peace from inner change- with Sara Dylan
  • 15 Mar- Getting caught up in painful feelings. Relying on an inner solution- with Gen Chitta
  • 22 Mar- The sands of time. Life as a meditation- with Gen Chitta
  • 29 Mar- Stuck in the rut of life. Dancing in the murmuring moment- with Sara Dylan


All are welcome. Each class is self contained so its not necessary to attend all of them, just those ones you are able to make.

£6 per class pay as you go. £3 concession rate available on request.  Members go free.