Clear Sky Mind. Knowing the nature & function of mind through meditation. An Afternoon Retreat with Bronagh Best.

Saturday 19th February 2022 | 2pm – 5pm | £12/£7con. | South Belfast Quaker Meeting House & Online with catch up.

We all know our state of mind very much determines our experience of our day and ultimately our life. If our mind is in a good space, we have a good day, and if it’s not, we invariably don’t. However, what exactly is our mind? What is its nature and function and how can we become friends with our mind?

In this meditation retreat – with Bronagh Best – discover how to connect to the natural peace, clarity, and vast potential of our mind through the practise of a simple, profound, and highly practical meditation, sometimes called ‘The clarity of the mind’ meditation. We will explore how the experience of this practise, opens the door to enabling us to identify and let go of unhealthy states of mind such as worry and anxiety, and limiting beliefs.

We will also see how familiarity with the calm, clear essential nature of our mind, enables us to connect to our boundless potential and cultivate states of mind such as love, compassion and wisdom. In this way, we will learn how to transform our mind into our greatest ally, and find ever increasing peace of mind, genuine happiness and emotional well-being.

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