Clear sky mind, peaceful, joyful heart

Buddhist Meditation Afternoon Retreat

2 – 5pm Sat 2nd October 2021 with Kadam Adam Starr

Online and In person at Kadampa Meditation Centre, Cityside, York Rd, Belfast

We all know our mind very much determines our experience of our day, our life. If our mind is in a good space, we have a good day, and if it’s not, we invariably don’t. However, what exactly is our mind? and can we transform it into an ally?

In this meditation retreat – with Kadam Adam – discover how to connect to the innate peace, joy, clarity, and vast potential of our mind for the development of good qualities, through the practise of a simple, profound, and highly practical meditation, sometimes called ‘The clarity of the mind’ meditation. We will explore how the experience of this practise, opens the door to enabling us to identify and let go of unhealthy states of mind such as distraction and anxiety, as well as negative thinking and limiting beliefs.

We will also see how familiarity with the calm, clear essential nature of our mind, enables us to improve our concentration and mindfulness, as well as develop confidence in our ability to cultivate our inner potential for good qualities, such as love, compassion and wisdom. In this way, we will learn how to transform our mind into our greatest ally, and find ever increasing peace of mind, genuine happiness and emotional well-being.

Kadam Adam Starr is the Principal Teacher of Tara Kadampa Meditation Centre, Dublin. He has studied, practised and taught Kadampa Buddhism and meditation for many years under the guidance of the fully accomplished meditation master and internationally renowned teacher of Buddhism, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

Originally from Dublin, Kadam Adam spent many years teaching in the UK and in Europe before returning home to Ireland, where he now teaches extensively throughout the country, as well as internationally. He teaches from the heart in a clear, warm and relaxed way, that is always practical and relevant for our times.

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