Courage, Humility and Equanimity. Finding Inner Balance and Strength. An afternoon of meditation with Sara Dylan.

Saturday 12th March 2022 | 2pm – 5pm | £12/£7con. | South Belfast Quaker Meeting House & Online with catch up.

About this event

In this half day retreat Sara will explore how Meditation enables us to cultivate those states of mind that are conducive to peace and well being. Such states of mind, like humility and equanimity are an inexhaustible source of inner strength and and courage. Through Sara we will experience

1) Guided meditations to calm and experience the vast stillness within our mind.

2) Talks on how we can be motivated to train our mind to develop positive mental habits.

3) Guide us to Experience an extraordinary balanced view of our world through the eyes of humility and equanimity.

4) Help in understanding how these inner strengths give us the courage and confidence to act in ways that bring true benefit to all others

This retreat will also explore ways we can integrate Meditation into every moment of our everyday life so our mind becomes immersed in the peace of meditation and always connected to this inner source of strength and balance.