Declutter your Mind. Buddhist Meditation Morning Retreat with Ian McGlade in Donegal

Our minds often feel cluttered. We have many worries, plans and preoccupations. This is especially true when we have many tasks to perform, busy lives with several obligations and responsibilities. Our mind can feel increasingly tight and compressed, as if we lack the space to think clearly. Our anxiety can increase, our mood lower, our body feels tense, and we become more irritable, and unproductive.

It is essential we have a method to regularly de-clutter our mind, so we feel more mental space and flexibility. When we unburden ourself of this mental clutter our mood improves, we are calmer, and we have a more positive effect on those around us. On this morning retreat we will understand what mental processes lead to the accumulation of this clutter, and find ways to maintain a feeling of mental space and equanimity even in the midst of a busy, demanding life.

  • Sat 10am – 1pm 26th Aug 2023
  • With Buddhist Meditation Teacher Ian McGlade
  • Leghawney Hall, Leghawny, Co. Donegal
  • Cost £14/ €16

Your retreat guide Ian McGlade, shares the meditation techniques and practices he himself has found so transformative, in a down to earth, humorous and accessible way. With many years of practice and teaching experience you are in safe hands to help you begin, reinvigorate or continue your meditation journey.

Each session includes 2 guided meditation and a short talk.

  • 10am – 11.15pm (1hr 15min)
  • Refreshment break (30min)
  • 11:45pm – 1pm (1hr 15min)

+44 7597 773 096

Suitable for both beginners and those with meditation experience. No special clothes needed. Seating provided in chairs, but feel free to bring your own mat or cushions if you wish. Light refreshments provided in the break.

STERLING – Declutter Your Mind Donegal 26th August 2023


EURO – Declutter Your Mind Donegal 26th August 2023


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