Buddhist Meditation Retreat. Purifying the Root Consciousness. Detoxing at depth.

An online retreat available until 18th Jan

Jointly guided by Gen Kelsang Chitta and Ian McGlade.

Vajrasattva practice is very blessed and profound, holding within it’s short words and beautiful visualizations a method to completely purify our minds negative karma, the source of our suffering and obstacles. 

In each one hour session we engage in the complete practice, as well as receive a short teaching and explanation of what that particular session and meditation will emphasize. With each session emphasising a different aspect you will build a very qualified personal practice in this short retreat, as well as achieve deep purification of you consciousness at its deepest levels. 

Session fees – £24 Members go free. Book here

You can buy your own personal sadhana and audio at https://tharpa.com/uk/meditation-and-recitation-of-solitary-vajrasattva-cd.html. However learning the practice during the retreat is also perfect. 

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