Free Your Mind. A Weekend Meditation Retreat on the Atlantic Coast with Gen Kelsang Chitta

Free Your Mind

Weekend Meditation Retreat on the Atlantic Coast at Corrymeela, Ballycastle, County Antrim.

6pm, Friday 4th November – 2pm, Sunday 6th November 2022


We all long for freedom. Freedom from pain, suffering and problems.

We also all long for the happiness that comes from permanent inner peace.

These are the two basic wishes of every living being and we spend our whole life working hard to fulfil these wishes. However, to date we have not found a method to achieve these wishes.

Buddhist teachings hold a profound lineage showing us how to free our mind off all painful feelings and awaken the causes of a supreme inner peace that is limitless in nature.

By learning how to control our mind we can awaken our extraordinary potential. We can develop the profound spiritual realisations of universal love, compassion, concentration and wisdom. We can discover an inner peace and joy that nothing, not even death, can destroy. With this awakened experience our ability to benefit others will be much greater.

This retreat will be guided by Buddhist Nun Gen Kelsang Chitta. Gen Chitta makes these retreats easily accessible for all, guiding meditations that are both relaxing and profound. The talks and practices explained are easy to understand and yet offer extraordinary benefits. Ordained by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche in 2009 she has been teaching meditation throughout NI for 12 years, sharing Dharma with humour and humility. Morning sessions will be guided by Ian McGlade, Resident Teacher of Lamrim Kadampa Buddhist Centre in Derry Londonderry.

This will be a wonderful and extraordinary weekend, located in the beautiful setting of Corrymeela, on the edge of the Atlantic coast. Your meditation room overlooks the Atlantic ocean and Raithlin Island and the occasional passing school of dolphins. There is ample opportunity between sessions to relax and walk, soaking up this ancient and extraordinary landscape.

Retreat Schedule

Schedule for the silence periods, meditations and meals

Registration 1700
Supper from 1800
2000 – 2130 Introductory Talk and Meditation with Gen Chitta

Saturday ( Silent until 1300 )
0815 – 0915 Breakfast
0915 – 1015 Session 1 with Ian McGlade
1145 – 1300 Session 2 with Gen Chitta
1300 – Lunch
1630 – 1745 Session 3 with Gen Chitta
1800 – Supper
2000 – 2115 Session 4 with Gen Chitta

Sunday ( Silent until 1030 )
0800 – 0915 Breakfast
0915 – 1015 Session 5 with Ian McGlade
1130 – 1245 Session 6 with Gen Chitta
1300 – Lunch

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