Love: The Great Protector. Compassion: The Supreme Heart. A special online talk with Gen Kelsang Sangden

A special online public talk with guided meditation.
With Gen Kelsang Sangden

Love and compassion are the most extraordinary examples we can show in our world today. We already know this. They are the true source of permanent happiness.

Love, as Buddha said, is the great protector. We need love in our hearts. Others need love in their hearts. This is the real solution to personal and world problems. Love is the key to realising world peace. 

Compassion is a supreme state of mind that is motivated  by cherishing other living beings and wishes to release them from suffering. Compassion purifies our mind and when our mind is pure our world becomes pure. Our compassion is our potential to become enlightened. Compassion and love are described as two sides of the same coin. 

Many of us seek happiness in improving our external situation. Seeking happiness in our job, a good reputation, gathering possessions, money, our relationships, being applauded, being successful. The list is endless and our desires remain unfulfilled. 

In this special talk Gen Sangden will explore the transformative power of cultivating our loving and compassionate hearts to realise our fullest potential and find within the happiness we seek.

Gen Kelsang Sangden

Gen Kelsang Sangden, originally from Northern Ireland, has studied under the guidance of internationally renowned Buddhist Master Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for more than 20 years. She is presently based as Resident Teacher in Mexico City and is the NKT-IKBU National Spiritual Director for Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia & Chile.
Gen Sangden is an inspiring example of Modern Buddhism in practice. She is greatly appreciated for presenting the teachings with great clarity, joy and insight, inspiring people from all walks of life to apply the practical advice and find inner peace and lasting happiness.

Session Fee: £5 or £3 concession. £24 for this talk and month of weekly meditation classes. Free to members

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