Meditation Classes

Nun meditating in classWhat is meditation?

Meditation is a natural method used to cultivate and experience inner peace and happiness in our lives. Through meditation, we can learn to generate and hold, positive states of mind, and in doing so, identify, reduce and finally abandon the negative mental habits that are the causes of many of life’s problems.

How will meditation benefit me?

Meditation has many benefits and practical applications, through its use, we can gradually become more peaceful, experiencing a greater degree of genuine happiness in our lives. Many modern day problems such as stress, anger, impatience and poor inter-personal relationships can be addressed and greatly improved through meditation.

Do I need to be fit and flexible to meditate?

Whilst some people choose to meditate in the traditional cross-legged position, all of our meditation classes are primarily done from the comfort of a chair. For this reason, no special clothes or equipment are necessary, and you don’t have to be physically fit, flexible or have previous experience in meditation.

What to expect at a meditation class

Everyone is welcome; our meditation classes are suitable for both beginners and those with experience. During classes the teacher will explain how to meditate and give practical instructions on how to use the meditation to reduce stress and other problems encountered in modern daily life. Most of our classes run for an hour and a half.

The general structure of a class:

– Simple guided meditation for relaxation
– Short Buddhist prayer
– A short talk on how to solve some of the problems in our daily life
– Themed meditation based on today’s talk
– Questions and answers with the teacher
– After the class everyone is welcome to stay for light refreshments

Click here for the calendar to check dates.

For meditation classes you do not need to book in advance, but if you would like more information or to chat about which class might be best for you, please contact us.

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