Why me? The Buddhist wisdom of karma and purification. Meditation Retreat

Explore how Buddhist meditations on karma and purification can help us heal and clear negativity at the most profound levels of our mind.

Video Format | £12 or £7 concession

A guided afternoon meditation retreat offering you a selection of inspiring meditations and talks.

Guided by Ian McGlade, returning recently from a 6 month full time intensive teacher training programme. Ian sessions so far have been well received, sharing Buddha’s wisdom insights with humour and humility.

When experiencing fortunate of unfortunate circumstances, we often ask ourselves….Why is this happening to me? What have I done to deserve this? Why me? 

When painful feelings and experiences arise it may feel as if we are being punished. A powerless victim at the mercy of an elusive arbitrator. 

At this mini retreat we will explore The Law of Karma and purification practices. 

We will understand how we create our own present and future experiences through our own negative and positive actions. Every action we perform, we experience a similar result. By meditating on  karma we will understand how we can control our future experiences

This is liberating as it means we are the creator of all our experiences. We explore what actions create unhappiness and what actions lead to happiness. 

We explore the importance of Buddhist purification practices to help purify negative Karma. 

Suitable for all levels of experience. Both chairs and matts provided. No special clothing is required. This venue is really spacious and we follow every measure to create a safe and peaceful environment for you to relax and connect to your inner peace