Paths to Happiness Retreat. Joyful Paths and Extraordinary Destination.

Guided Meditation Retreat on the Lamrim. Stages of the Path to Enlightenment

12 recorded sessions of talks, guided meditation and relaxing chanted prayers. You’ll receive a link to videos of all 12 sessions. Available until 18th Jan 2021.

Jointly guided by Gen Kelsang Chitta and Ian McGlade .

Donations £24. Members go free. Book here

The Lamrim instructions lay out the complete path to Enlightenment, in a step by step, easy to understand and practice, presentation. They teach a series of meditation which transform us from an ordinary limited being to and extraordinarily wise and compassionate being. Buddhahood is each of our potential, our true nature. These meditations reveal and manifest that potential we each of us hold, like a jewel in our heart, our most precious possession. 

With a total of 12 sessions to explore these meditative paths you can begin this new year in the most beneficial way possible,  beginning a process of radical inner transformation.  

Each session will include Prayers for Meditation, a short prayer practice functioning to prepare the mind with beneficial motivations for meditation.  

A personal copy of the words can be purchased here . Likewise you are welcome to simply listen and be guided by the meaning of the words. 

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