Stepping out of expectations, stress and disharmony. Buddhist meditations for a peaceful season. Meditation Retreat

Cityside Retail Park, Yorkgate Belfast (next door to Costa/ free parking)

Saturday 19th December 2020 | 10am – 1pm | £12 or £7 concession

A guided afternoon meditation retreat offering you a selection of inspiring meditations and talks.

Guided by Ian McGlade, returning recently from a 6 month full time intensive teacher training programme. Ian sessions so far have been well received, sharing Buddha’s wisdom insights with humour and humility.

Over the seasonal holidays it seems that despite some good intentions we get sucked into expectations of ‘how things should be’. Advertisements depict the perfect gift, meal, get together and the perfect feeling. However there is deception in seeking perfection. It is elusive and unattainable. It is like chasing a rainbow. We feel conned and experience the pain of seeking happiness where happiness cannot be found. At some level we already know this. 

With craving for deep satisfaction it is easy to put all our hopes into one seasonal holiday. Inevitably year after year the resultant feelings are often combined with stress, disharmony and a deep sense of relief that it’s all over. Maybe despite telling ourselves we are going to do things differently next year we default to old patterns. We get sucked back into the expectation. 

This mini retreat will explore how the peace we search and yearn for cannot be found in a sale or anything external to us. This peace and satisfaction is already within us. Through the power of meditation we will tap into inner peace. By connecting to what is natural to us we can cultivate powerful minds of kindness, love and compassion. This way our seasonal holiday becomes meaningful and joyful. By developing this inner wisdom we become immune to false expectations, we uncover the mask of perfection and find a deep inner connection with ourselves and others

Suitable for all levels of experience. Both chairs and matts provided. No special clothing is required. This venue is really spacious and we follow every measure to create a safe and peaceful environment for you to relax and connect to your inner peace


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