An introduction to the magic of Tantra

A rare opportunity to learn more about Buddha’s real Tantric teachings. Methods to visualise and quickly actualise our potential swiftly.

A series of three online classes

  • What is Tantric meditation? An introduction to the magic of Tantra.
  • Tantra meditations. The power of self generation practices
  • The inconceivably of Highest Yoga Tantra. Becoming deathless

There are two unique opportunities to attend online Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerments in August and November 2021.

These classes are designed to help clarify the great meaning of these empowerments and the meditation practices they empower us to engage in, as well as offer deeper understanding for those who already practice these meditations.

Each class will include a talks, some guided meditations and prayers and an opportunity for Q&A.

Gen Chitta first received empowerment in these teachings in 2004, so has a wealth of experience to share, and will endeavour to make this, often misunderstood and misused, subject clear.

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