Foundation Programme – A meditation and buddhist study class


With the ongoing COV19 virus outbreak, classes will now be live-streamed online only. Please do not travel to any venue as all will be closed to public access.

Foundation Programme.
A course in Buddhism and Meditation.

@ 265 Ormeau Rd
Wednesdays 7 – 9pm

Study the New Eight Steps to Happiness with Buddhist Nun and Meditation Teacher Gen Kelsang Chitta.

The foundation program (FP) is open to everyone . Through in-depth study and practise on the program, we learn how to integrate all the meditation practises and wisdom advice from Buddha – on how to solve our problems and reach our full potential – into our normal daily life. In this way we gradually find a deep inner peace and happiness in our lives. The foundation program offers a structured approach to learning Buddhist meditation and practise through the study of a particular book with classes consisting of chanted meditations, guided meditations, teachings and discussion.

Add your name and number to the form below to register interest and we’ll get back to you to check if it’s suitable for you.

We recommend that applicants have attended our beginners classes for some time before beginning Foundation Programme. Beginners classes run at 7pm on Thursdays and at 10am on Sundays at 265 Ormeau Rd, and at Cityside Retail Park (100-150 York St, between Costa and Poundland) on Saturdays at 2pm, Mondays at 6pm and Wednesdays at 7pm.

Ongoing class dates will be listed under Foundation Programme at

£6 per class. £3 concession rate.
£24/month unlimited access to all sessions.


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  1. Danielle Wilson-Willis

    Hi, I would like to enquire about the – Foundation Programme. A course in Buddhism and Meditation. Any further info would be appreciated.

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