International Festivals

Every year, NKT-IKBU holds three International Kadampa Buddhist Festivals, two of which are in the UK.

These Festivals  provide a precious opportunity to study and practise the special presentation of modern Buddhism taught by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, the Founder of NKT.

The events vary in length from two days to two weeks, but whatever their duration they all offer a vacation with a difference – a chance to break free from the hectic routines of daily life and focus on the things that really matter. You will come away not only refreshed and relaxed but also spiritually re-energised.

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Why no one should miss an International Festival

It is not possible to appreciate the full breadth of Venerable Geshe-la’s vision or the depth of his kindness without attending the International Festivals he inaugurated.

Venerable Geshe-la is an international Teacher who has created an international Kadampa family to spread Kadam Dharma throughout the world and into future generations.

The International Festivals are our family reunions where established practitioners have a chance to catch up with spiritual friends from around the world and rejoice and inspire each other – and where people new to Dharma are introduced to the vast international reach of our tradition and the true power of Venerable Geshe-la’s teachings.

These Festivals give us all an opportunity to receive teachings from and enjoy meditations with the Gen-las and senior Teachers from around the world.

But perhaps most of all, to be part of such a meaningful event run entirely by Kadampa volunteers, where everyone deeply cherishes each other and an unhappy face is nowhere to be seen is to witness Kadam Dharma in action and have a glimpse of what world peace would be like.

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