Meditation for Teens

shutterstock_265095911.jpgDealing with exam stress.  2nd Feb 2019.   2pm – 5pm
The keys to confidence.  4th May 2019.  2pm – 5pm

Ideal for participants ages 12 – 16 years old

Learning to take care of our mental health is so important and the earlier we learn life skills to help us stay happy and healthy the better. These sessions focusing on dealing with exam stress and developing a positive self view combine guided meditations and talks with Buddhist nun Gen Chitta and Finn Wykes, mental health professional for adolescents.

You’ll enjoy short guided relaxation meditations and learn effective techniques to manage the stress of exams and of life in general. The second afternoon in May will focus on meditations and techniques we can use to increase self awareness and confidence.


2nd Feb 2019



4th May 2019