Thursday Night Meditation Class at 7pm.

Thursday Nights at Potala Centre are a great opportunity to be guided in meditation and to listen to interesting and informative talks that will inspire and uplift, and help you to improve your state of mind and learn how to deal with problems and stress in a more constructive way.

Topics in October 2016 will include forgiveness, patience and acceptance.

Each class starts with a guided breathing meditation, followed by a short buddhist prayer, a talk and a final guided meditation. There’ll be an opportunity to relax, ask questions and drink tea after class if you wish.

Classes will be :-  Thursdays   7 – 8:15pm

All are welcome. There’s no need for you to have any previous experience of meditation or wear anything special. Each class is self contained so its not necessary to attend all of them, just those ones you are able to make. The cost of each class is £6.

£24/month membership for unlimited attendance at all our classes and workshops.


  1. alice magee

    Hi. Is there a class on tonight? Thx

    1. Hi, no not tonight, we start back next week.

  2. Jill

    Hi is there nearby parking?

    1. Hi Jill, only on street parking, but plenty of room.

    2. Hi Jill, there may be parking spaces outside the Centre on the Ormeau, if you are early, otherwise many of the residential side streets near the Centre have parking. 🙂

  3. Alexander de wet

    Do I need to register beforehand for a space in the January 2016 Thursday night meditation classes?

    Thank you Alex

    1. No, you can just come along 🙂

  4. Hi,
    Are classes finished for this year?


    1. Hello, yes, but we have a meditation on Thursday night at the Art show opening if you want to come. 🙂

  5. bluevelvetjacket

    Hi I’m interested in coming along to the Thursday night class, do I have to book a place in advance? And is there parking outside?

    1. HI there, you don’t ned to book and there is parking outside the Centre or in the side streets nearby. Hope you enjoy the classes.

  6. Does this start tomorrow?

    1. sorry for the delay in reply, yes this class started back tonight.

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