Living Meaningfully, Dying Joyfully . Weekend Meditation Retreat on the Atlantic Coastline. With Buddhist Monk Gen Kelsang Tharpa

Weekend Meditation Retreat on the Atlantic Coastline

6pm Friday 20th August  – 2pm Sunday 22nd August 2021

Guided by Visiting Buddhist Monk Gen Kelsang Tharpa

Attend in person, stay for the weekend, just come for sessions or tune in from home. Book here

We are alive, therefore we will die.

This is the simplest most profound truth of our existence, yet very few of us have ever come to terms with this fact.

By ignoring death we ignore life. Becoming caught up in a humdrum existence full of worry, anxiety and meaningless fear.

By tuning in and ultimately embracing our own mortality we can extract the greatest meaning out of this precious human life.  In this way instead of something to be feared or denied, death can become a positive experience.

In this retreat, Gen Kelsang Tharpa will offer profound teachings and guide meditations to help us to live a meaningful, peaceful and happy life. So when our death arrives we can experience a peaceful mind without regrets.

Gen Tharpa will offer essential insights from a Buddhist perspective into the process of death and dying, how to liberate ourself at the time of our own death and how to effectively help others at the time of their death. 

This will be a peaceful and relaxing weekend with the potential to bring about hugely positive inner transformation. 

Corrymeela offers the perfect conditions to settle the mind, and to explore and develop getting back to the positive mind states that create long lasting change and happiness. Situated on the Atlantic Coast you will experience outstanding beauty with ocean views and ocean air, offering ideal conditions to develop an ocean of peace within the mind.

Guiding the sessions will be visiting Buddhist monk Gen Kelsang Tharpa. Gen Tharpa is the principal teacher at Madhyamaka Kadampa Meditation Centre, and has been teaching Modern Buddhism in Spain, Portugal and England for over 30 years.

He has great ability to convey the profound Buddhist path of wisdom and compassion, with clarity and the depth that comes from his personal experience. 

Both beginners and more experienced meditators enjoy Gen Tharpa’s profound understanding of Buddhist teachings as well as his simplicity, wise counsel and good sense of humour. He is a living example of how to practice the Kadampa way of life in the modern world.

There’ll be plenty of time between sessions to read, walk and relax, and the silence in the mornings will allow us the opportunity to reduce distractions and engage more fully with meditation and contemplation.

Accommodation is modern and comfortable, and meals vegan or vegetarian. It is possible to attend just the sessions if you don’t wish to avail of the accommodation. Chairs will be provided as well a mats and cushions and no special clothing or experience is required.


Schedule for the silence periods, meditations and meals

Registration 1700
Supper from 1800
Introduction at 2000 

Saturday (Silent until 1300)
0830 – 0915 Breakfast
0915 – 1030 Session 1
1145 – 1300 Session 2
1300 – Lunch
1630 – 1745 Session 3
1800 – Supper

1930 – 2030 Heart Jewel Puja optional

2030 – 2130 Q&A 

Sunday (No silence) 
0830 – 0915 Breakfast
0915 – 1015 Session 1 
1145 – 1300 Session 2 
1300 – Lunch

Sessions only
Free for members
Weekend £50

Online – Zoom and Catch up
Free for members
Weekend £45

Meals and tea & coffee throughout
Fri £15
Sat £34
Sun £15
All meals £64

Single ensuite £50 per night
Single shared bathroom £35 per night
Twin ensuite £40pp per night
Twin shared bathroom £30 per night
Triple ensuite £35pp per night
Triple shared bathroom £25 per night
Quad ( 2 singles, one bunk) £25pp per night

All inclusive
Single ensuite £214
Single shared bathroom £184
Twin ensuite £194pp
Twin shared bathroom £174pp
Triple ensuite £184pp
Triple shared bathroom £164pp
Quad ( 2 singles, one bunk) £164pp

**Rooms must be booked and shared in accordance with government guidelines at the time of the retreat**

**Physical distancing measures will be in place in the meditation room. Due to reduced seating capacity in the live meditation room we will have two video link facilities in some of the venues other beautiful lounges. We expect that attendees will be able to do half the sessions in the live meditation room, and half in the video link.**

Booking here